Daymaker is bringing meaning, connection, and simplicity to giving through a platform that fosters real gifts to specific kids at relevant occasions throughout the year.

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How Daymaker works with companies

Daymaker is a charitable giving platform that helps employees connect more deeply with those around them through intentional acts of giving and service. As part of our annual company partnerships, we run three giving campaigns where employees can read about specific under-resourced kids in the community and purchase a gift off that kid’s wishlist. Because it's a personal, 1:1 giving experience that meets employees where they are, it drives considerably higher engagement than traditional money-focused giving programs.

We measure success by the connection that people feel, not by the dollars given our hours volunteered. Our hope is that an employee taps into their innate sense of generosity by working with Daymaker and says, “Wow - I want more of that feeling.”

Your annual partnership with Daymaker

A partnership with Daymaker allows employees to participate in three digital giving campaigns, with each building upon the prior. For those who desire to go deeper, we offer opportunities for in-person service that are thematically linked to each campaign. As people feel more connected to their generosity over time, they become more engaged, creative, and connected team members—a true win-win for all stakeholders.

Our annual packages


Priced per Campaign

  • Three digital giving campaigns; supporting communications
  • Customizable company giving page
  • Digital / in-office engagement activations
  • Campaign kickoff call with Daymaker team

Premium Giving

Annual Partnership

In addition to all "Giving" offerings:

  • Daymaker Ambassador employee champion program
  • Company-specific "Why I Give" giving story video filmed on site
  • Customized campaign comms for different employee cohorts
  • "Daymaker Live" in-person campaign engagement events

Giving & Service

Custom Offering

In addition to all "Premium Giving" offerings:

  • Custom in-person service events with Daymaker nonprofit partners, organized & executed by Daymaker team
  • Additional custom employee and/or customer-facing giving campaign(s)
  • Unique avenues for employees to continue their financial support for specific kids / organizations (e.g., funding music lessons)

We are looking to work with companies who know—or want to explore—the notion that giving and service can spark the creation of a culture of depth, connection, and aliveness.

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